Go Green With Cloth Diapers!

Diapers are the one of my biggest expenses, ever since I had my first child. I feel like I’ve been spending more on diapers than everything else I’ve had to spend on anything else! Beginning to spend my money in cloth diapers for my child instead of those one use, throw away diapers was a smart choice on my end.

Of course I didn’t just want any kind of diaper for my daughter; I wanted something that she could be comfortable in.

So Green Baby is the top diaper brand retailer of Canada, and has a lot to pick from in diapers that are good for your child and your environment. Did you know it takes hundreds of years for diapers to degrade? With all the babies today, I did not want to be adding to that huge pile.

Diapers made from cloth are more eco-friendly and affordable for every mother’s budget (sogreensite). Must I mention they are reusable and easy to clean!? So much better than adding to that stinky trash can that gets “officially” taken out once a week.

If you are a mother looking to go green, then cloth diapers is the solution for you, you’ll be showing appreciation towards me once you realized all the cash you saved!

Beautiful Gifts To Give to Your Friends

With all the different types of art made available to society today, it’s hard to pick the perfect art form to pick for gifts. I love to get personalized gifts for my friends and pick a different theme every year. This year I decided to go with caricature.

It’s a great form of  having a picture made of your friend and made special just for them. Unlike any typical pictures, the caricature artist makes the picture somewhat exaggerated of the person they are drawing, focusing on whatever features they feel that stands out.

The person I wanted a caricature done for was my best friend. All I had to do was send in a picture of my friend and choose which particular caricature I wanted and then I would be sent via mail the final results! Although they typically take a week to complete the caricature, they do offer the option of quicker service (company site).

I find that super convenient for those having a last minute gift that they want to make special for the person that they’re giving it to. Upon receiving the final results, I was completely satisfied! It was pretty funny how the artist was able to make the image look quite similar to my friend in a cartoon version. I highly recommend DCL for the greatest personalized gifts for any occasion.

I Found a Great Waxing Salon in Irvine

My choice in hair removal has been waxing. Out of all those ways to remove those stubborn hairs, waxing has provided the greatest benefits for me. They get those hairs quickly removed, and are faster than plucking or threading. From all the years I have been getting waxes, I have gotten different types of services as well. Testing out expensive salons to cheap & affordable salons, I finally found the salon that was right for me.

I found Beautiful Skin OC while shopping nearby, and went in on a whim, just to get an inside look of their salon and their prices as well. Their salon had a beautiful decor and while looking into the prices they had for their different types of waxing, I was surprised about their affordability. For such a beautiful salon, their prices weren’t crazy expensive like the other ones I had been to. I decided to give it a test run and get my upper lip waxed.

The woman who waxed my lip was very professional, and spent a lot of time waxing it. She herself made sure there weren’t going to be any hairs left behind. When I checked for myself afterwards when I got home, it looked great. No traces of any hairs anywhere near my lip, nor any signs of redness. I remember the last place I had went to get my upper lip waxed, they forgot to put the lotion, and I had a lot of signs of redness. Beautiful Skin OC (site) really cares about their clients, and show that they want the best results for each one, that’s why there my favorite salon to go to.

Incredible Legal Assistance

With my well known business here in Irvine, California, I was looking to grow my business even further, but I needed assistance in things such as someone to copy my documents and for me personally, learn time management within my company. It sucks to say that most of the time working is spent organizing the papers and documents that I could have organized from the beginning. I was looking to get an extra helping hand from someone who was experienced within my specializations, so that I wouldn’t have to be doing any explanations for what I had expected them to do.

Searching online for local paralegal assistants, I found Legal Copying Services (here), with their company being a highly ranked and seen as one of the best in Orange County, I personally hoped for the best! Not only assisting me in filing documents and copying my recent court cases, they went above and beyond, even helping me out in doing examination for my cases! Although this was my first experience with using a paralegal, it sure won’t be my last!

Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Twitter

On Sunday,  March 2nd, the 86th annual Academy Awards took place at Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale and Tom Hanks all walked the red carpet. Hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, the 2014 Oscars were said to be the “best Oscars ever.” Almost halfway into the night, Ellen set out to break the record for “most retweets” on Twitter. The tweet to previously hold that record was Barack Obama’s election-night message coupled with a photo of him hugging his wife, Michelle.
The photo Ellen posted was a selfie with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong’o, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Jared Leto, and Kevin Spacey. Little did they know, their photo was about to be the most retweeted photo on Twitter. Just minutes after, Twitter completely shut down. Soon enough, it was back up, and the photo had a total of 3 million retweets. Samsung donated a dollar for every retweet of the photo. Ellen gave half the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the other half to the Humane Society of the United States. Who knew posting a simple picture on twitter can advocate for so much?

Save The Planet, One Diaper at a Time!

Hello! Haven’t you heard of global warming!?

Our world today is struggling with the society being pretty careless of saving the planet! You’ve got to do your part to help out our world today by going green. Too hard for you, put your trust in me as a mother of three, and save your earth by limiting your waste in disposable diapers. I have been using cloth diapers since my first child, but not the same diapers for all three children of course. I have used all types of different brands of cloth diapers from high brands to low quality brands, so I know which brands are the best, and that’s why I am here today to inform you which diapers you should consider getting for your children.

]Personally the diapers I have purchased from So Green Baby have been wonderful and high quality diapers. Save your earth and try out Applecheeks for your baby’s bottom.  Not only high quality, but very cost friendly for all of you mothers out there with your limited budgets!

Save your planet and your wallet through this easy change.Like I said before, save your planet in ways you didn’t think about before.
So Green Baby also gives the choice of buying the item you want in a package, to help you save even more money!

Fun Traffic School Online!

I have always hated traffic school. Classes are so boring. I don’t know how people do it.

Having to drive to a class and learn from boring instructors is not exactly my cup of tea. Waste of my time, really.

It’s a horrible thing that from one speeding ticket alone, the insurance gets the ability to increase the rates of the already expensive insurance. Especially being a student, I don’t exactly have that kind of funds, already having to pay for the ridiculous prices of the ticket itself.

I guess it is a good way to teach reckless drivers to drive better, but there has to be an exemption to the boring traffic schools all around California! I mean there are so many, there has to be at least one!  Recently I completed my course at Best Traffic School for only $19.95, and did I mention it is all online!?

You would expect an online class to be more tedious and boring, but they’ve done the complete opposite! They keep the students in an interactive environment, and friendly with those who aren’t the best at technology or even computers.

The class is so laid-back and easy, I can’t believe I didn’t find it before!

Digitalized Caricatures!

It’s incredible the different types of things you can find to satisfy the guests of all your events.

Being raised in Las Vegas, everything you do is incredibly dramatized to please and surpass the expectations of everyone around you. Recently, I found out about Digital Caricatures Live, and it’s easy to say that they only have the best artists for all your caricature needs. Not only providing art photos for you to take home, they stay up to date with technology and offer the opportunity to even have it digitalized for things such as your tablet.

They can also personalize it for you in many different ways ranging from different borders, to different backgrounds. Not only for events, you can use caricatures for anything such as a personalized gift itself. Digital Caricatures Live offers the opportunity to have a photo of you and someone from your friend to even loved one to be in a caricature together with the option of having personalized text included.

The results are incredible, seeming as a cartoon itself! It is so funny how the artists can make captions to really bring together the drawing they made. It’s even more special knowing that it is personalized just for you! There is no doubt that you have to use digital caricatures live in Las Vegas on your next affair, and see what the hype is about!

The prices Digital Caricatures Live charges are reasonable, especially due to the personalization in each caricature itself.

Great idea for your next party in San Francisco

Looking for an inexpensive way to spice up big events such as you birthday? I found a great solution that may be just right for you. Extremely humorous, yet made perfect for you or your friends, caricature is the trendiest gift you can give your friends to date! Not many people in my area have even received such a special gift such as this that was made just for them. It is also great that it is incredibly affordable for just about any budget. It is also a wacky, yet fun way to use as a socialization tactic in events such as school carnivals or even festivals. From my experience with caricature artists attending school functions, the kids go nuts! There are incredibly long lines at my friend’s son’s school carnivals the demands always increasing. Within the past few years I have seen the growing trends of caricature; I know that it is not going to be going away anytime soon in the near future. Stick with the number one attraction to children of all shapes and sizes that are enjoyed by parents as well! DCL is taking the world by storm, join the hype before you are left behind in the dust!